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Aims , Objectives & Philosophy
  The aims of the Nursing  program are as follows.
1) To prepare nurses with sound educational stroke fundamental based in nursing to enable them to function as efficient leaders of health team.
2) To prepare nurses for developing & ability to coordinate with the team members in the prevention of disease, promotion of health & rehabilitation of the sick personals.
3) To help nurses in their personal & professional development so that they can give maximum contribution to the health of society as a qualified nurse.
4) To prepare the nurse for serving the nation as a professional & specialization in nursing with latest trends & technologies in the field of nursing.
5) To prepare nurses to provide promotive health services in lined with the national health policies & programs.
1) Apply knowledge from physical, biological, & behavioral sciences, medicine including alternative systems and nursing in providing nursing care to individuals, families and communities.
2) Demonstrate understanding of life style and other factors, which affect health of individuals and groups. 
3) Provide nursing care based on steps of nursing process in collaboration with the individuals and groups. 
4) Demonstrate critical thinking skill in making decisions in all situations in order to provide quality care. 
5) Utilize the latest trends and technology in providing health care.
6) Provide promotive, preventive and restorative health services inline with the national health policies and programmes
7) Practice within the framework of code of ethics and professional conduct, and acceptable standards of practice within the legal boundaries.
8) Communicate  effectively  with  individuals  and   groups,  and members  of  the  health  team  in  order  to  promote  effective interpersonal,relationships and teamwork.
9) Demonstrate skills in teaching to individuals and groups in clinical/community health settings.
10) Participate effectively as members of the health team in health care delivery system. 
11) Demonstrate    leadership    and   managerial   skills    in clinical/ community health settings. 
12) Conduct need based research studies in various settings and utilize the research findings to improve the quality of care.
13) Demonstrate   awareness,   interest   and   contribute   towards advancement of self and of the profession.

      Modern nursing is a dynamic, therapeutic and education process in meeting the health needs of the individuals, the family and the community. Nursing is one of the health care agencies in assisting, families and communities to achieve and maintain desirable and maintain standards of health.

     The trust & college of Nursing believes in the concept of health as laid down by the WHO i.e. “Health is state of complete physical mental and social well being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity”.

      Since nurse provided and will undoubtedly continue to provide a large part of health care, their training should equip them professional expertise to meet the changing demands of society and their expanding role therein. To achieve this, emphasis must be laid to impart the knowledge and skills most relevant to the health care needs of the community and the country as a whole. This must also be accompanied by corresponding change in professional attitudes.

       The trust & “Institute of Nursing” recognized that basic nursing education is formally recognized programmed of study providing of broad and sound foundation in the behavioral life and nursing sciences for the General practice of the nursing for a leadership role and for the nursing post basic education in specialties for advanced nursing practice. Trust believes that this basic course in nursing should prepare nurses for occupying first level position in nursing in all kinds of health care settings. The trust recognizes that nursing is profession which is influenced by advances in science and technology. It believes that skill in all aspects of communication are also essential learning and for practice of nursing.
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